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I live in Hawaii, but my heart is with mentoring and creating leaders. My campaign is “The Art of Leadership”.  Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world, everyday you decide what you will design.  Through my Apple podcast titled Mrscolorfulday “Think Positive”  I’m able to help individuals break-free of bad habits and begin painting new positive ones.

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Latest Episodes

Flowing in the Right Direction

A divine flow releases the wind of God into your life. That divine flow will lead you to where God desires you to be. This episode teaches you to...

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Episode 45: Flowing in the Right Direction

It’s one thing to know God is present, it’s another to know what he is doing. This episode helps you to get in the right direction of the flow.

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Episode 44: A True Move of God

If we want to see a move of God, then there is a cost. Many cry out for a move but will not pay the price. God is waiting...

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Episode 43: Get in the Flow

When we are in this unique stream of the Lord's flow we can never get lost, but rather our work becomes easier and pleasing to God. This...

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Eisode 42: Keep Alert and Pray

Keep alert and pray. By praying this way we remain alert, on guard against Satan and the deception of sin, as we look for the way of escape God...

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Episode 41: Catch Your Blessing

Catch your blessing it’s been waiting for you! This episode helps you to recognize the elements required in order for you to catch your blessings in this season.

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