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Stop Wasting Your Time Researching And Learning
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We provide everything you need in one place:

Positive Thinking School of Business is a huge collection of every online course we’ve made, rolled into one training program that we offer at the lowest price we will offer.

It’s created for people like you who have the constant urge of starting a business but have no idea where to start or feel overwhelmed with so much information that often contradicts each other.

Here’s What’s Inside the Positive Thinking
School of Business

Small Business Creation Course

Starting a small business can be overwhelming, however, a quick down and dirty small business essential course will help you get your small business off to a get started.

Non-profit Creation Course

Creating a non-profit organization can be a very exciting experience if you have a quick guide on the ins and outs of starting a non-profit. This course will serve as a key element in the success of your non-profit.

Logo Creation Course

A company LOGO tells the world and future clients who you are and the specific type of service or product you are offering. Learn the fundamentals in designing your LOGO.

Press Release Creation Course

Press releases are unique in that they can include various multimedia elements to convey a brand’s message or story. If having a worldwide Press Release is something you desire to create, use your time to register for this course to learn the basics of generating a Press Release.

Podcast Creation Course

Preparing thoroughly before starting a Podcast is essential to the success of the business. Find out where to begin and how to achieve positive results through a quick guide on the fundamentals of getting your podcast up and running.

eBook Creation Course

If becoming a published author is something you desire to do, why not use your time to boost your business knowledge? Preparing thoroughly before beginning to write an eBook is vital to the success of the book, and this course is designed to help you do that. We’ll show you where to start and how to achieve positive results through a quick guide on the fundamentals of getting your eBook written and published in the fastest time possible.

Patent Creation Course

If you invent a product, device, or an exclusive technology, you should consider applying for a patent with United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO). Patent registration is essential because it protects the invention from being utilized by others globally. If you desire to be the first business to market a specific invention, then a patent is crucial. Preparing thoroughly before getting a patent is essential to the success of the invention. Find out where to begin and how to achieve positive results through a quick guide on the fundamentals of getting your patent.

Copyright Creation Course

The Copyright course will aid in understanding the importance of Copyright is crucial because it helps to protect the value of an author, academic writer, and researchers, by providing the work originator the ability to protect their work.

Trademark Creation Course

The Trademark course will assist in understanding how trademarking can protect your brand identity. It will alleviate competitors from stealing your clients by copying your brand.

Brand Creation Course

The Brand course is helpful for business owners wanting to know the basics of creating a strong brand identity. Clients have a higher likelihood of remembering your business when your brand and logo are effective.

Entrepreneur Course

Are you a person who loves to help drive change with innovation while introducing new cutting-edge products to the marketplace? This course is for anyone wanting to understand more about entrepreneurship.

Small Business Accounting Course

The Small Business Accounting basics course assists business owners in understanding how to track income and expenditures and comply with statutory compliance.

Start Your Business From Scratch Smart

As you can see, we really give you everything you need to know about starting a business. Each course is packed with actionable steps, ideas, and strategies that are designed to help you get your business up and running as soon as you’ve finished the course.

From setting up your business to establishing a powerful brand, from registering your product to promoting the product, and more — we got you covered!

We’ve Written A Book For Each Of All The 12 Courses

Each course is delivered in a series of bite-sized video lessons that you can watch and follow at your own pace. But sometimes you wanted to learn more or need a quick reference.

That’s why we also wrote a book for each of the courses that cover the topics in more detail, which you can also use as a quick reference… or your primary learning materials just in case you can learn faster by reading rather than watching video lessons.

The books could be purchased directly from our website or Amazon for just $10.99 for the Kindle edition and $15.99 for the paperback edition.

…And Whenever You Have A Question, You’re Only
One Message Away From The Answer

When you join the Positive Thinking School of Business, know that you have a team of experts, ready to help you whenever you need our help.

Imagine the value of this opportunity. It’s like working with a coach over email, but without spending hundreds of dollars per session because we offer this type of support alongside the course.

So just imagine writing a specific question like this: “I couldn’t figure out the right design style for my company logo. Can you help me out?“

And then getting a quick response like this: “As mentioned in the logo creation course, a logo is your brand identity and it should appeal to your target audiences. So, to figure out the right style, you should define your brand identity first, then look for inspiration from other businesses that serve the same target audiences”

Wouldn’t that be great?

If You Say Yes To Any Of These Questions, You Are A Perfect Fit For Positive Thinking School Of Business

If you can say YES to any of these questions, then the Positive Thinking School of Business is created for you.

Why? Here’s why:

Starting a business is hard if there’s no one to guide you and you have to figure out everything on your own. But when you have a mentor who can show you the step-by-step process, you could have a business up and running faster than you’ve dreamed possible.

If you want to turn your passion and/or knowledge into a profitable business, then starting a podcast or writing books is the easiest way to do that. And in this course, you’ll get a complete guide on how to do that.

You see, if you’re like MOST people, you want to start a business without losing your job, and that’s okay. The step-by-step guide you’ll find from our courses can save you a lot of time, so you can get your business up and running with the very limited time you have.

Finally, if you find that you’re much better at leading and managing people instead of “doing the work”, then you’re destined to be an entrepreneur. And in this program, you’ll learn how to unleash your potential and use it to build a wildly profitable business.

Why Wait? Join Now!

Where you will be a year from now? Will you still be dreaming of having your own business? Or will you be enjoying the exhilarating feeling of being your own boss and having a business that will make you proud of yourself?

The answer depends on the decision you make today.

Will you let your doubt and fear hold you back, or will you control it?

Most of what you need to get your dream business up and running is in this comprehensive training program. Just follow the step-by-step guide and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

If you give this program an honest try and you’re not happy with what you’re getting, then just let us know and we’ll take care of you.

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Getting started is easy! Simply pick the package that works best for you, and immediately access the training materials to start building your dream business.

One More Thing…

Although at the time of creating this page we don’t plan to raise the price anytime soon, this could be your last chance to get our courses at these prices. We will keep the materials updated, and when we release new updates, we might lock this program away to do an upgrade and charge more!

So why wait? If you feel like this is right for you, join today at his low-as-ever price!


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